NHLA-Member-Logo---vertOur mill is equipped with state-of-the-art band saw and computer technology to ensure 100% utilization. Whenever possible we upgrade and improve our sawing methods. Our equipment is designed to retain as much usable wood fiber from our logs, minimizing waste and maximizing lumber recovery. Scanning equipment governed with computer technology allows us to see each log in more detail and guides our sawyers in the sawing process with near 100% accuracy.


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Jun 3 ForestryJ.H. Keeso & Sons offers high quality hardwoods of all grades and thicknesses. By-products include chips, bark mulch, sawdust and bagged firewood for campgrounds. Enquiries to purchase bagged wood may be directed to Richard on the contact us page of this site. Click here to contact us.  Any residual wood waste is burnt as fuel to heat our facilities.







The staff we have is second to none and works safely everyday as  top professionals in their field. All of us strive to produce the best manufactured hardwoods that you can find anywhere.